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Doctors Travel

We  believe everyone in our community deserves the same quality care, and often times our specialized care is out of reach for many patients in need. The BGC Foundation s very proud to coordinate free medical treatment through a volunteer network, We Care Jacksonville, so that no one in need goes without care. The ... More

On a mission to help

Because of the overwhelming need for education and research to fight these illnesses, both in the patient and physician community, the Borland Groover Foundation was founded. Founded in 2004, exclusively for charitable, educational, medical and scientific purposes. Inspired by the actions of a group of doctors and nurses, the ... More

Care for Patients

Dr. Hong Tek and Dr. Kyle Etzkorn as well as a few of our staff members went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to set up two state-of-the-art endoscopic procedure rooms at the Sihanouk Hospital. Along with the donations from Olympus of North America and Baptist Health Systems, they were able to provide hands-on mentoring, teaching and ... More

First ERCP in Cambodia

Dr. Kyle Etzkorn with a team from Borland Groover traveled to Cambodia to provide the first ERCP. Dr. Etzkorn & Dr. Tek assisted in setting up a new hospital and provided endoscopic training to Cambodia-based doctors. Our team donated new medical equipment and supplies needed to staff a free-standing Endoscopic Center for ... More